Things happening

Some exciting news on the poetry front: 

My poem 'anthropocene poetics part 1' was published in Australian Poetry's 2020 Anthology Volume 8, alongside some really incredible poets. So stoked! 

You can grab a copy here 

My poem 'anthropocene poetics part 2' won the 2020 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize. It was published on Holmgren Designs and in Rabbit Journal of Nonfiction poetry - you can read it here 

Currently working with beautiful friends Josten Myburgh, Mararo Wangai, Djuna Lee, Joshua Pether and Jameson Feakes on a spooky radio/stage play What Is Given Is Not A Fully Formed Song. Have a look at the process so far here

Current Artist in Residence at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (July-September 2019)

Developing a dinner party cross solo one-woman show called The Trouble Makers: 

You’re invited to the dinner party for the end of time; a dinner party for the rabble-rousers and closeted revolutionaries, for the late-night-singing-into-your-hairbrush-folks and all of us planetary inter-species limbo trying to hold each other while the planet burns and politicians twiddle their thumbs. The Trouble Makers is a new participatory performance work investigating community and hope-building amidst the rubble of the climate crisis. Come have a drink with us. There’s plenty of seats around this table as we plot a bold new way of kicking the Anthropocene in the butt.

Recent past projects:

Winter Nights 2019 at the Blue Room Theatre:

-Co-writer of Untitled Wars with Mararo Wangai

Play Reading on Thursday 1 August, 6pm

-Creator and performer of The Lion Never Sleeps 

Performances on 24/25/26 July 7:30pm

Producer of  Unrule: presented by Hey!Precious and the Blue Room Theatre 

28 May-15 June

Assistant Director of Love Me Tender 

Written by Tom Holloway

Directed by Katt Osborne

Performed by WAAPA 2nd year actors

14-20 June